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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Plums & Crab Apples, Mustard Greens & Gingers: Thousand Character Classic 千字文 – Line 8.


果珍李柰, 菜重芥姜。
guǒ zhēn lǐ nài, cài zhòng jiè jiāng

(fruit) (precious) (plum) (crab- apple),

The most precious of the fruits are the plums or peaches and apples. I do not know why crab apples are so important to the Chinese except they can be used as sour condiment, can anyone enlighten me?

(vegetables) (important) (mustard) (ginger)

The most valuable of the vegetables are the mustard greens and gingers. They are not only valued as food but also for their medicinal values. The mustard is believed to be good for the eyes and the ginger reduces the gas in the body system.



  1. Is the 'crap apples' in the title a pun? I might be wrong, but fruits that can be preserved might be more valued because you don't let them go bad and go to waste.

  2. Thank you! I don't think it is a pun. But you're probably right as both these fruits can be preserved and valuable during the barren period. Thanks.